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Wintry Shackles - The New Patch for Punishing Gray Raven!

Wintry Shackles – The New Patch for Punishing Gray Raven!

An exciting development has been made for fans of the hit mobile game Punishing Gray Raven, also being released for PC, studio Kuro Games has released a significant new update titled Wintry Shackles where this patch intends to revolutionize the game by introducing an electrifying new Omniframe that goes by the name of PGR Lucia: Crimson Weave, an S-Rank Lightning striker whose power aims to shock everyone!

Alongside the new character’s debut, players will be put into the heart of an enthralling narrative where PGR Lucia and Alpha’s intense battle saga will be explored and the mysteries of Fort Winter will be unraveled through a brand new story chapter. The update does not stop here, an array of new coatings, limited-time events, and many more have been revealed which we will discuss below!

New Frame PGR Lucia: Crimson Weave

This new frame emerges as a centerpiece and the main focal attraction of this update that is eagerly awaited by the mobile gaming community. With her ability to absorb energy and unleash it in a gust of power, Alpha draws her formidable 6-star signature weapon, Nightblaze, to the fore. Not only that, her supercharged Motorbolt SUB crashes into foes with unmatched might, all while her new coating, Zhoulou’s Rain, inspired by the ancient Chinese Miao culture, envelops her in an aura of mystery and Oriental charm.

Brand new Coatings

The Wintry Shackles Patch also unveils three brand new coatings for beloved characters, Punishing Gray Raven Lucia, Bianca, and Karenina. Among the trio of Coatings, Bianca: Stigmata’s Solitary Dream stands out uniquely because it offers a luxurious and dreamy aesthetic complete with its own playable story, aptly titled Daydream Believer.

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Karenina: Scire’s March Hare coating is also coming with this update and it promises to dazzle players with a spectacular fireworks showcase during combat animations that is destined to elevate the visual experience to new heights.

New Events

This update also introduces brand new events to the game Punishing Gray Raven as well with Cooking Lulu and Corrupted Battlefront taking center stage with these updated events. Cooking Lulu invites players into Punishing Gray Raven Lucia’s restaurant and challenges them to manage the establishment and cook up multitude of foods in a fun, casual game mode, similar to the Cooking Mama games.

In Corrupted Battlefield, however, this game mode offers a new overhead angle adventure mode where strategic use of character abilities and competition of different level challenges reap rich rewards to the players.

To gain an even more upper hand during your draws with this patch, you can have PGR top up that can enhance your gameplay and even make your playability experience a breeze.

Collaboration with Wønder

In an unexpected and surprising development, famous European singer Wønder will be partnering with the game Punishing Gray Raven by performing PGR Lucia: Crimson Weave’s Theme Song, Resounding Storm, where players are expecting the singer to elevate the game auditory experience for everyone to enjoy! Moreover, fans can also expect to look forward to an immersive music show from the famous singer as well whose accolades include the Artist of the Year Award at the 2023 GG Awards!

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