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Common Construction Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Construction Mistakes You Should Avoid

Within our industry, estimating construction projects is one of the most crucial and difficult jobs. Your ability to make a profit depends on how well your construction estimates match the actual costs of the project. Most likely, a single inaccurate estimate on a financially unsuccessful construction project won’t force you to close your doors, but a few unsuccessful projects could. Here are a few of the most typical errors made when estimating construction projects, along with tips for avoiding them.

Not conducting a site visit

For good reason, site visits are frequently required in order to submit a bid. Subcontractors should also visit if the site conditions could affect their work. This makes it possible for everyone to evaluate the location and account for any extra expenses that current site conditions might bring up in estimates and bids. 

Inaccurate takeoffs

A fantastic way to make sure you obtain precise measurements for your estimations is to use takeoff software. Because the effectiveness of these online construction estimating tools depends on the user, estimators need to be well-versed in the program and feel at ease with it.


Before placing your bid, make sure to look for addenda. These could involve altering the design or even the deadline for submission of bids. After submitting your bid, if there is an addendum, go over the details, make the necessary adjustments, and submit it again. 

Labor costs

The average project budget includes 60% labor. To estimate labor costs, concentrate on the number of hours an individual needs to complete a task. Remember to account for the possibility that prevailing wages—which may or may not be different from what you usually pay each employee—are necessary. 

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Materials and supplies cost

Building material and supply costs are among the most difficult to estimate with accuracy. Developing connections with suppliers and manufacturers of building products can aid in securing precise pricing. Additionally, they can recommend substitute materials that might be more appropriate for your project.

Failing to assess risks

Every building project has some level of risk. Your estimating process should include completing a risk assessment. It facilitates your decision to bid or not to bid. Determining how much to budget for contingencies is also helpful. Your project will suffer if you don’t evaluate risks and incorporate backup plans into your construction estimating procedure. Don’t forget to account for overhead and soft costs as well, like permits and inspections, which are frequently overlooked or underappreciated.

Ask questions

Everybody occasionally makes mistakes. Examine the drawings, specifications, and other addenda carefully. Verify your measurements and your subcontractors’ measurements twice. Precise takeoffs are the foundation of accurate estimates. Page Building facilitates the process of identifying suitable projects and executing timely and precise takeoffs for construction companies. As you gain knowledge on how to win more lucrative construction projects, take the bidding process step by step and maintain your competitiveness.  

Page Building ensures it commits none of the above mistakes while doing a construction estimate. For more information on their services check their website now.

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